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Security and Resilience for the Distribution Grid – Major Breakthroughs Shown at Workshop

On 14 May, the time had come – the face-to-face workshop on security and resilience of digitalization in the distribution grid took place. Thirty participants met in Plattling, Germany to learn what a digital twin can do (for them). They learned that it is not just another data collector, but a highly qualified analysis tool that specifically identifies weak points in the medium and low voltage grid. One of the highlights was a practical report in which Stadtwerke Landau a. d. Isar confirmed the predicted savings in grid expansion costs. However, online monitoring with the Digital Twin offers much more when it comes to the security of supply networks. Detecting anomalies or even cyber-attacks in the grid and making it fit for the future were two of the topics discussed in the course of the workshop. ISO 27001, artificial intelligence (AI) methods and Section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) were discussed as well – customers were excited to see the progress being made. A day full of “good vibes” as one participant said and a lot learned – who can ask for more.

This workshop was held in the context of the European funding project SecurIT (Horizon 2020 funding contract No 101005292).

Interested in the presentation material, please get in touch by clicking on Interested in Workshop Material (Download for Participants [zip-File, pdf-Documents, password protection, 5179KB]).

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