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More green hydrogen – lower network expansion costs A contradiction in terms?

A contradiction in terms? Decentralized and grid-operated plants could produce 13.7 TWh of hydrogen in Germany by 2030 (according to a study by the Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH on behalf of Green Planet Energy eG ).

In addition to the high ecological value, this would be highly profitable with local consumption of hydrogen, heat and oxygen. +++: Further benefits can be expected: Relief of the power grids and avoidance of the curtailment of electricity produced from renewable sources; +++: Less network expansion necessary because of the decentralized placement; +++: increased network resilience at the same time.

All this is only possible in connection with the digitization of the power grid: ??? where are there surpluses, ??? where are there buyers??? where is the best place to place electrolysers in the network? A digital twin (e.g. from GridData GmbH ) creates the necessary conditions for this.

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