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Quality and Reliability

The GridData DigitalTwin

Your assistant for the energy transition

With the GridData DigitalTwin you reduce the costs for operation and expansion of your network. You can integrate and operate customer systems such as photovoltaics, heat pumps or charging stations quickly and efficiently and can be sure that your network will withstand the additional loads.

Efficient Grid Investments, Guaranteed

Invest in a targeted manner. Save 30% of costs.

The enormous growth in renewable energies from photovoltaics or wind turbines puts a strain on the low- and medium-voltage grid. Many operators react to this in a conventional way by strengthening the distribution grid at high cost and often without knowing the current status and the specific weak points. Being able to make accurate forecasts about the future development of the grid provides options to create and optimize scenarios. That results in the most efficient investments and many times in avoiding unnecessary expenses. The GridData DigitalTwin solves precisely these and many other challenges. Specifically, by digitally mapping your distribution grid with the help of intelligent algorithms by making it transparent and easy to understand. Or in other words: With the GridData DigitalTwin, you can save up to 30 percent in investment costs while you make your grid fit for the energy transition.

Smart Grid, Enhanced Efficiency

Full grid transparency. High data quality.

Full network transparency. High data quality.

The GridData DigitalTwin contains the know-how of the energy ex-perts from GridData and applies artificial intelligence and big data technologies to solve practical grid issues. In practice, the GridData DigitalTwin correlates the heterogeneous data from inverters, transformer stations and smart meters with information from existing subsystems of the distribution grid. External data sources from the Internet can also be integrated. DigitalTwin automatically blends data including grid topology and merges the data in its Data Fusion Hub. It builds up an up-to date grid model that adequately reflects the electrical state of the distribution grid. . Also important:

Guarantee the creation of an extraordinarily precise network model, even with a small number of measurement points.

Archived data and other information can also be used for data analysis. This provides investment protection both for installed devices and for measurement data that is already available.

That means:

With the GridData DigitalTwin you get a digital twin that clearly maps your entire distribution grid into its true electrical state and supports you in daily power grid operation. In addition, it makes it easier to react quickly to changes in the grid and to plan your grid for the short and medium term time horizons (of few weeks up to some 2 years). In addition, the GridData DigitalTwin logs the entire grid history. You monitor your grid via user-friendly interfaces and receive easily understandable analysis for the following applications:

Voltage quality
Loss calculation
Reactive power analysis
Data quality
Loading analysis
Grid planing and grid optimization
Fault detection and diagnosis
Earth fault localization
Data export
Predictive maintenance

Your responsibility. Your benefits.

Consumers take the secure supply of electricity for granted. It is an absolute success criterion for the economy in your region. Not least because of this, you as distribution grid operator bear a great deal of responsibility. With the GridData DigitalTwin, you choose a software solution that makes your demanding task easier and offers a whole range of advantages. For example:

In addition, the GridData DigitalTwin enables you to offer genuine regional electricity products. You distinguish yourself as a future-oriented grid operator in the region and for the region.

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