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Data quality of the power distribution grid – Fast and Secure

Power distribution networks are subject to constant changes – new PV systems, charging stations, connection requests, new development areas and much more must be taken into account. Keeping the information up-to-date involves considerable effort. Customer inquiries cannot be answered promptly.

Why not use the possibilities of a digital network twin?

Already during the provision and then during the operation of a digital twin, quality and consistency are ensured by the intersection of topology data and measurement data from the network. Possible inconsistencies are recognized automatically, the documentation can be updated automatically. Switching operations are taken into account online. And: the available and newly added knowledge about the power grid can be completely documented as a basis for planning and further development of the grid.

Customer inquiries can thus be answered immediately based on the current network status. Network changes are immediately visible.

This project is funded as part of the Renewable Energy Solutions program of the Energy Export Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

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