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The GridData DigitalTwin:

Advantage through intelligent applications

Precisely tailored to your needs, the GridData DigitalTwin supports you with many practical applications. Take advantage of all the opportunities to always be one step ahead as a regional grid operator in the energy transition.

Driving Sustainable Grid Solutions

Step by step to a sustainable energy supplier

Based on validated and optimized data quality, the GridData Digi-talTwin provides you with practical applications that you can use to make optimal decisions for all areas of your grid. Specifically for grid operation, planning, reporting and asset management as well as handling customer inquiries. On your way to becoming a sustainable green energy supplier, you benefit from a wide range of advantages. It ranges from efficient planning and the quick identification of grid weak points to the reduction of grid losses and voltage range violations. You profit from 30% reductions of grid investments despite the growth of decentralized generation of renewables and changing consumer behavior.


Streamlined Energy Grid

The grid at your finger tips

Tools for optimal grid operation

The grid model is automatically built up and parameterized from the fusion of heterogeneous measurement data and structural information about the grid in the DigitalTwin's Data Fusion Hub. Those models form the basis for many intelligent applications for a highly efficient and secure operation of your network. You can monitor the voltage quality, identify and localize faults in a matter of seconds and receive an exact diagnosis. You can initiate countermeasures in a targeted and timely manner, ideally even before the customer notices anything about the irregularity. In short: The GridData DigitalTwin informs you at all times about the status of your distribution grid and protects you from possible negative consequences. For example, from un-pleasant customer complaints or unnecessary costs due to energy not being supplied.

Full grid transparency. High data quality.

Instruments for efficient asset management

With applications such as losses calculation or automatic fault analysis, the DigitalTwin enables you to bring together technical, economic and organizational aspects in grid development. For example, if faults occur, you will receive information about the affected transformer or the possibly faulty line (its location) and whether these components need to be replaced. On the other hand, the GridData DigitalTwin informs you whether a component can remain in the grid even after the end of its intended service life because it is still doing its job optimally. In other words: The GridData DigitalTwin provides you with valid, real-time data on the requirements and performance of your operating resources. In this way, it supports you in generating maximum added value from your optimized cost.

User friendly grid planning

Solutions for needs-based grid planning

The needs-based expansion of the power grid and the further development of grid operation are absolute core tasks for operators now and in the future. The good news is: The GridData DigitalTwin supports you in optimizing your existing energy infrastructure (up to 30% more hosting capacity for renewable energies without grid expansion!) and in a needs-based expansion. This is due to an exact grid model which using real data instead of oversized worst-case scenarios. You receive detailed load profiles and what-if scenarios for the anticipatory analysis of future customer connections, grid topology expansions with regard to voltage quality, load behavior and losses efficiency. In addition, the GridData DigitalTwin provides you with an accurate data basis for investment and asset replacement planning.

Reports using latest grid data

User-friendly reports at the push of a button

Regional electricity distribution grids are one of the central arenas of the energy transition. It is important that the reporting corresponds exactly to reality. It is precisely this real data quality that the GridData DigitalTwin provides you with the option of automatically generated reports visualized on a graphical user interface. You determine the intervals yourself, ranging from hourly to daily. You can count on up-to-date parameters in terms of quality and reliability including alarm functions via email, SMS or via a web interface.


Reliable Data Reporting

Actual grid data for optimized operator processes

Provision of data for software tools

The GridData DigitalTwin collects real data from your distribution grid and provides you with an exact grid model. Going beyond, the GridData DigitalTwin also grants you with data from this grid model via digital interfaces that you can use for other software tools. For example, for automated responses to customer inquiries. In other words: The precise real-time data from the GridData DigitalTwin flows into other programs, improves accuracy and at the same time reduces the redundancy of the data to be maintained. You benefit from reduced learning and maintenance efforts.

Well founded and quick responses to customer inquiries

Efficient handling of customer inquiries

The integration of decentralized generation and new consumers into the power distribution grid is leading to an ever-increasing number of customer inquiries. In fact, electricity customers expect quick answers. No problem with the Grid-Data DigitalTwin. Because with simple web interfaces you can perform what-if-analyses in no time at all. You get results that are not only based on worst-case scenarios, but also on the true usage behavior of the grid. In other words: If you plan with the GridData DigitalTwin, you will receive exact information about the necessary resources. You sur-prise customers with quick feedback and gain more assurance when planning your grid. In addition, with the GridData DigitalTwin you identify grid issues at an early stage and can react before your customer is impacted.

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