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GridData Mission

Energy transition

Utilities are key for a sustainable energy transformation. With digital information on the grid, grid investments can be kept under control: Cost savings of at least 30% on cabling/transformation stations and of at least 20% on operational costs have already been shown. The GridData Digital Twin of the electricity grid addresses the needs of utilities to implement an efficient and reliable future power system. We combine deep expertise in the energy domain with innovative software technologies to offer a resilient, high-performance, and cost-effective software solution for electricity grid management. Utilities use the Digital Twin to address the complexities imposed by energy transition with distributed renewable generation, consumption and changing user behavior (prosumers).

Integrating Renewables for Reliable Networks

Streamlining energy transition in power distribution

The energy transition poses major challenges for power distribution network operation: distributed generation and the electrification of mobility and heat supply must be integrated into a reliable power distribution network infrastructure. GridData provides the Digital Twin for the operation, optimization and planning of the low and medium voltage networks as a software solution. The Digital Twin is automatically generated from data from the power distribution network and enables the real state of the network to be reliably identified and predicted. Even if only a few measurements are available, it is possible to focus the power grid expansion on the real bottlenecks and as a consequence: Accelerated implementation of the energy transition with reduced grid expansion costs!


Efficient Electricity grid operation is a critical success factor for the successful implementation of the energy transition towards a carbon neutral society. GridData with its digital twin implementation leverages electricity grid data and integrates them to a virtual replica of an electricity grid.

In this way GridData supports regional electricity grid operators in their increasingly complex tasks. Responsiveness to operator requirements and high-quality software are core to GridData's operations. We strive for excellence of electricity grids using digital means.


GridData will be a key driver of the technological advancement of the electricity distribution grid - extending our expertise to include water and gas grids midterm. This technological advancement is using digitization to optimize the way we manage the regional distribution of energy (midterm water and gas): minimize losses, maximize quality and efficiency. As grid operators are core for the success of the energy transition, GridData aims at strong contributions to Europe's vision of a carbon neutral society. GridData aims at becoming the key player in this market by setting the trends for the architecture and use of digital means at distribution grid operation. Core functions, interfaces and standards for the digital twin of distribution grids are set by GridData.

Unique-selling-points GridData-Digital-Twin

Reliable Energy Transition

highly profitable

Unique selling points, technology and IP

GridData offers the GridData DigitalTwin of the power distribution network, which enables the network operator to use the real network status for network operation and planning via interactive applications. The Digi-tal Twin is determined automatically by combining network structure data with various measurement data. Special algorithms ensure data quality even with a small number of heterogeneous measurement points. New patented methods enable fault localization based on widely used standard measuring devices.
Modern IT technologies from the areas of cloud, AI and big data allow the processing of large amounts of data. Optimized calculation algorithms and IT security are core ingredients of our work.
The Digital Twin in connection with innovative data evaluation techniques enables an efficient and reliable power distribution network for the path to CO2 neutrality by using the real network status.
The solution can be installed locally or in cloud environments and can be operated using standardized devices (PC, tablet, mobile). A subset of the data evaluation methods was successfully patented (signature-based earth fault localization, European patent).


Projects, partners, customers

Grid Agility through the GridData DigitalTwin

Product value-add

Only through online information from the electricity grid is it possible for the network operator to react quickly, purposefully and cost-optimally to growing capacity and flexibility requirements in order to fulfill the electricity supply needs of their customers.
A realistic network image (digital twin) allows an immediate response to changes in the network or connections as well as the evaluation of future scenarios (what-if analyzes for strategic asset management or response to capacity changes).

The following added values have been proven in operation of the DigitalTwin:


Our team

Prof.Dr.Hans-Peter Schwefel

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Manfred Reitenspiess

Business Development & Co-Founder

Dr.Nuno Silva

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr.Domagoj Drenjanac

Software Development - Co-Founder

GridData was established June 1, 2016 with the mission to support the regional electricity Distribution System Operators implementing the digital distribution grid. Since May 16, 2018, GridData operates in the form of a limited liability company (German: GmbH). The founder team combines competences in energy technology, information and communication technologies, design and analysis of resilient and secure systems, and development and implementation of customized software solutions.

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